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Let’s Talk About Electro Sex Toys!

What are Electro Sex Toys? They’re devices that generate a buzz of electricity and create a tingle when they touch your skin. There are numerous attachments available, such as rubber loops, pads and plenty of insertables.

You can start on a very low little tickle and adjust the settings to go as high as you like.

If you pop one of these loops on your willy or attach a probe and stick it up your bum or vagina and then crank it up, you will cum hard!


They feel fucking amazing and you can explode completely hand free. 

Because you or someone else can control the levels or stimulation from way up high to just cutting it off at a moment’s notice. Electro Sex Toys lends themselves very well to kink play.

What does it feel like?

It’s a tingle. It’s not a sharp shock like you may assume with electricity. 

The first time I ever tried it, I was in a sex shop where they had one on display. I held on to a little dildo attachment and turned up the power. It just felt like pins and needles. I wasn’t that impressed.

When you stick it on a sensitive area like your bellend, it’s much different to simply holding it in your hand.

Does It Hurt?

Not really. It really depends on the level you have it at. On the lowest setting it won’t hurt at all. On the higher settings the tingle can hurt a little but it feels good! In the same way a spanking or a strong massage feels good.

Where Can I Get One Of These Electro Sex Toy?

Like Apple and Microsoft, there are two main brands. ElectraStim and E-Stim. Despite their very similar names, they are two separate brands. 

(I should say that these are the only two brands I know of. If there are more out there then please let me know.)

I have the ElectraStim Flick (but believe me… I want all of them!). Prices start at around £70 and go up to well over £400. (I’m sure I’ve seen one online which was well over £700! I’ll have to find that again.)

What Else Can They Do?

I haven’t even mentioned all the attachments you can get! We’ll get to that. But first I want to tell you about all the settings.

With the model I have, you can just have a steady buzz or a build up then stop, then build up again. You can have quick little shocks or you can give the unit a shake to give a quick shock. Hence the name ‘Flick’.

This is just the model that I have. There are many more features such as dual outputs, an audio input so it can deliver the buzz in time with a beat. One device has separate dials for ‘level’, ’speed’ and ‘feel’!  Fuck me I want to try it out!  

And of course there are the attachments. 

You can get:

  • Pads
  • Anal and Vaginal Probes
  • Cock rings and strokers
  • Clamps
  • Pinwheels
  • Paddle
  • Even Electro Strap-ons!

I’m yet to try all these extras. Once I do, you can be sure I’ll be gumming up my keyboard with my electro wank tales.

Kinky Conclusions:

Remember to play safe. It’s advised not to use a timing device above the waist if you have a heart condition.

There are many fine orgasms to be had from electro stimming.

Do you have one? Do you want to get one? Let me know either in the comments or drop us an email. ‘Hello’ ‘at’ then the name of this site. (Sorry, don’t want to miss your email amongst a sea of spam!)



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