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Have You Ever Struggled To Get Back Into Kink?

Hello! Bakji here. Sorry for posting absolutely fuck all on here, Instagram, Bebo or anywhere. The kinky has taken a bit of a back seat over the past year. 

“So what have I been up to?” I hear you not ask. 

We’ll get to that at the end of this post.

Let’s get back into kink! 

Something odd happened recently…

I went to a fet night a few weeks back. Caught up with people I’d seen for a good while. Chatted to lovely people who I’d met for the first time. 

Great so far.

But something rather unexpected happened.

I completely forgot how to kink! 

I mean utterly forgot. Doing rope, spanking, even just initiating. Just utterly forgot how to do it all.

I’m guessing you can figure out why. Like I said, kink has taken something of a back seat. And that twat we called ‘the pandemic’ didn’t help much ever.

I’ve discovered a new found respect for kink as a ‘skillset’. And fuck me do I need to keep on top of that skillset.

(I just want to say quick. If you’re new to kink. Please don’t worry that you have to learn a load of things in order to meet other kinky people and have some fetish-ey fun. As long as you learn to respect consent then you’ll be fine. Learning kinky skills can come later.) 

I’ve laid out a bit of a plan for myself. 

Do this blog, get some more toys, start doing rope again and read a few kinky guide books. 

I didn’t really read many kink advice books in my early days. I hate to think what skills, ideas and mindsets I’ve missed out on.

Why am I writing this

The reason I’m writing this as my first post after a while is… has this ever happened to you? 

Post or pre ‘Rona? Did it surprise you that something you took for granted now feels alien and clunky?

Let me know in the comments. Or you can still email me from the same old email address… hello at ‘the name of this site’ dot com. (We all love a spam filter)

Oh one last thing… just what have I been up to for the last year then?  

Was it worth reading all the way to the end?

I’ve been…

… excited to know?

I’ve been…

This’ll be good!

I’ve been…

Just working… and saving money… that’s all! 

(And having the odd tug in VR. More on that later!)

Time for some kinky fun again.


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